12 theme park inspired ugly sweaters perfect for holiday warmth and whimsy

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Cooler weather is upon us and winter is wandering in close behind. Staying warm is a necessity that does not have to be boring, though.

With the arrival of winter comes the bustle of the holiday season, and with that – Holiday parties!! One popular party is the ugly sweater party. ITM has you covered in that department. We’ve gathered a loving list of 12 festively fun knit delights.

1. Doctor Seuss might even enjoy this Christmas cardigan. It is definitely some Thing to think about as the temperatures continue to drop.
$24.99-49.99 Amazon

2. Your heart may just grow three times its normal size when wearing this Grinch face holiday sweater.
$20.99 -39.99 Amazon

3. Homer Simpson sits in for Santa, with a modified greeting on this cozy comfort catch.
$39.95 – 49.95 Amazon

4. Iconic images from the Harry Potter franchise make this spell-binding sweater a magical way to keep warm.
$59.99 Amazon

5. It’s probably a good thing that Santa relies on elves instead of Minions to get the toys made.  Still, they do make for an adorable adornment.
$13.91-29.99 Amazon

6. Classic comic icons share space with snowflakes on this Marvel team-up superhero sweater.
$49.99 Amazon

7. The Guardians of the Galaxy are silhouetted across the chest of this marvel-ous jumper.
$49.99 Amazon 

8. Deadpool is almost subtle… who are we kidding? He’s never subtle, but he does make a mighty fine ugly sweater.
$23.99-41.95 Amazon

9. If you are searching for an astromech that’s ready for Christmas, R2-D2 might be the droid you’re looking for.
$29.99 -59.95 Amazon

10. It seems the Empire has a vested interest in the holiday season.  Accented with a spot of holly, the dark side of the Force is well represented in this red and black pullover.
$15.45-29.99 Amazon

11. If you let this Santa hat topped Stormtrooper take over toy delivery, it’s probable more than a few chimneys will be missed.
$59.99 Amazon

12. The Empire appears to be engaging in reindeer games with these disguised AT-ATs wandering about.
$59.95-64.95 Amazon

Mousterpieces and Universal whimsy are the plan when it comes to these jolly jumpers. While there are more inexpensive options to be found, we’ve decided to stick with true knit garments (instead sweatshirts with sweater-like prints) for these 12 holiday ugly sweaters.

Source and images: Amazon

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