VIDEO – Lyft is taking passengers to the Upside-Down in celebration of “Stranger Things” season 2

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Prepare to be transported back to 1980s Hawkins, Indiana, because the smash-hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” returns just two days from now. In celebration of the popular sci-fi/horror series’ second season, the ride-share service Lyft has teamed up with Netflix to deliver passengers directly to the Upside-Down.

This coming weekend (on October 27th and 28th) Lyft users in Los Angeles, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania will have the option to summon a “Strange Mode” vehicle. Once it picks them up, their ride will feature some eerily paranormal electronic interference and even practical effects straight out of “Stranger Things” itself. Participants might even walk away with an Eggo waffle or two.


As is evident in the video above, the “Strange Mode” Lyft experience provides a chilling real-life immersion into the world of “Stranger Thing” for those lucky enough to flag down a ride this Friday and Saturday.

“Stranger Things” season two will also premiere in its entirety Friday, October 27th on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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