SeaWorld Orlando’s 2017 Halloween Spooktacular is full of fun events and activities for the whole family

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SeaWorld Orlando’s 2017 Halloween Spooktacular is full of exciting activities for the whole family to enjoy.

SeaWorld Orlando has held its annual Halloween Spooktacular event since 2008 and ever since the event has started, it has been full of eeriness and wonder. This year in 2017, this excitement only continues as this event is still a perfect place for families of all ages to celebrate the season.

As you enter the Spooktacular side of the park, you immediately are taken in by all of the event’s festivities. Fun music plays aloud as bubbles fill the air over the event. Guests can also expect to be greeted by special under-the-sea friends who have come to SeaWorld Orlando to celebrate the Halloween season. All of these special friends can be found cheering and grinning throughout the area as they meet with guests. They will all stop and pose for pictures as well, if you ask nicely.


As you move farther into the spookier side of the park, you will come across the candy bags stop, which is where guests receive a special bag for Trick-or-Treating. Trick-or-Treating takes place all throughout the Spooktacular areas of the park.

The bags are for everyone, “kids and parents,” so everyone can join in on the Halloween fun. Different candies found throughout the park include Airheads, Welch’s fruit snacks, Cow Tales, Twizzlers, Skittles, M&M’s and many other sweet treats to enjoy. There aren’t as many Trick-or-Treating stations as Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, and you probably won’t receive the same amount of candy from this event, but you can still expect a decently full bag by the end of the day.

For parents who are looking for solace in knowing their children will get a safe Trick-or-Treating experience, this is definitely an event to consider. Another great thing about Trick-or-Treating at a theme park is the fact that all of the candy your child receives is guaranteed safe from being tampered with in harmful ways.

In Penelope’s Garden Party guests can experience even more fun and excitement as this area includes a live DJ, a variety of craft opportunities, and colorful sea-themed characters. If you’re not already smiling from all of the event’s fun, then Penelope’s Garden Party will surely have you grinning ear to ear. This part of the event is located on SeaWorld’s Bayside Pathway and is full of interactive fun for the little ones.

The live DJ at the party spins some of the most popular music that you’re used to hearing on the radio. The music playing is fast and upbeat and great to dance too. You may even find some of the Spooktacular characters dancing to the groove as you enter the area, they may even ask you to dance.

All of the characters in Penelope’s Garden are great fun and full of energy. They all really sell the fantasy of being underwater while celebrating the Halloween Season.  All of their outfits and makeup really make you feel like you’re at an underwater Halloween Party.

Penelope’s Garden is also where younger guests can sit in on a special story time. Here is where you can hear the story of Penelope, who started out as a pumpkin fish and then transformed into the princess Penelope who rules over the garden. After the story time finishes, guests can join in on sing-alongs and other arts and crafts activities that take place in Penelope’s Garden.

Located right next to Penelope’s Garden is Mermaid Grotto. Here you can visit one of SeaWorld’s mystical mermaids. For guests who want more than just a selfie, a professional photographer is on hand to take a proper picture of you and the mystical mermaid. Photo packages are also available to purchase in the Grotto if you’d like to take home the special memory.


When guests are really ready to immerse themselves in the spirit of Halloween, they can join Elmo and friends at Sesame Street’s Countdown to Halloween show. The stage show includes Count, Elmo, Abby and the rest of Sesame Street. Count is feeling lonely this Halloween, and with the help of the audience and the monsters from Sesame Street, everyone gets to pitch in to help get Count into the Halloween spirit. The show features light up skeletons, Batty bats and is full of great songs to dance and sing along to. The show is also extremely interactive as Elmo and Count actually run up and down the rows of the audience. You may even get to dance with Elmo and Count as they stop between musical numbers to greet with guests during the show.

To end your festive day at the park, you have to get your boogie on at the Halloween Dance Party. This special party is where children can join under-the-sea friends for one last hoorah, to dance in different line-dancing favorites. This special finale to the spooky day kicks off an hour before the park closes at the Village Square, located in the front of the park. Music blasts in the air with bubbles as under-the-sea creatures make their way into the square to dance with guests. This part of the night was great fun for the little ones as not a kid in the crowd wasn’t dancing. Parents also couldn’t help but get caught up in the beat as they danced with their kids. Definitely a fun ending to a special day for any little one at the event.

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