Retro Retail: Classic Monsters of Marvel Comics

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Just in time for Halloween, Marvel is re-releasing many of their monsters as collections of their respective titles. “Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol 1” emerged from the coffin earlier this month along with “Werewolf by Night: The Complete Collection Vol 1”and“ The Monster of Frankenstein Vol. 1.”

“Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol. 1”

“Sink your teeth into a vampiric volume that chronicles some of the greatest supernatural comics ever printed! The all-time classic Tomb of Dracula ushered in Marvel’s glorious age of horror, while the black-and-white magazine Dracula Lives! delivered stories with real bite – and both featured legendary creators, including Gene Colan in his prime illustrating the Lord of Vampires! The tomb has opened, and Dracula lives again! But his descendant, Frank Drake, joins vampire hunters including Rachel Van Helsing and Quincy Harker in a bid to return him to his grave! Will they drive a stake through Dracula’s heart – or will that honor fall to Blade? Plus tales of terror from across Dracula’s 500-year existence, featuring Hell-Crawlers, the Monster of the Moors, wizards, gargoyles, voodoo queens and more!” –Amazon

Written by Gerry Conway, Archie Goodwin and Marc Wolfman, “Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol. 1,” is illustrated by Gene Colan, Alan Weiss, Rich Buckler and Neal Adams.

This new collector’s volume re-prints issues from the 1972 “Tomb of Dracula” (issues 1-15) and “Dracula Lives!” (issues 1-4). Both comics featured interwoven story lines.

“Tomb of Dracula: The Complete Collection Vol 1” is available on Amazon for$25.33

“The Monster of Frankenstein Vol. 1”

“Gothic horror in the macabre Marvelmanner! One of the most terrifying fi gures in all of fi ction lurches into his own 1970s comic book series, collected in color for the very fi rst time. Witness a dramatic retelling of Mary Shelley’s literary classic, then follow the Monster in his quest for the last living descendant of his creator, Victor Frankenstein. It’s an odyssey that will lead him into a confrontation with Marvel’s other groovy ghoulies, Dracula and Werewolf By Night!” –Amazon

“Monster of Frankenstein Vol. 1” is written by Gary Friedrich, Doug Moench and Bill Mantlo with illustration by John Buscema, Bob Brown, Val Mayerik and Don Peerlin.  Volume one features “Frankensein” 1-18 (1973), “Giant Werewolf by Night 2” (1972), “Marvel Team-up 36-37 (1972), parts of “Monsters Unleashed” 2 and 4-10, and “Legion of Monsters” 1 (1975).

“Monster of Frankenstein Vol. 1” is available on Amazon for $30.56

“Werewolf by Night: The Complete Collection Vol. 1”

“Jack Russell stars in tales to make you howl, as Marvel’s very own Werewolf! Learn how Jack became one of the grooviest ghoulies of the seventies in this classic collection of his earliest adventures! Afflicted with his family’s curse, Jack’s on a search for answers – could they lie in the terrible tome known as the Darkhold? But Jack’s quest is fraught with danger -from mad monks to big game hunters to a traveling freak show! Then there’s the terror of Tatterdemalion, the horror of Hangman and the torment of Taboo! But few encounters can compare with Krogg, the lurker from beyond – except, maybe, a Marvel Team-Up with Spider-Man…and a supernatural showdown with Dracula himself!” –Amazon


“Werewolf by Night: The Complete Collection Vol 1”  is written by Gerry Conway, Len Wein, and Marv Wolfman with illustration by Mike Ploog, Werner Roth, Tom Suttion, and Gil Kane. Volume 1 features reprints of “Marvel Spotlight 2-4 (1972), “Werewolf by Night” 1-15 (1972), Marvel Teamup 12 (1972), and “Tomb of Dracula” 18 (1972).

“Werewolf by Night Vol. 1” is available on Amazon for $25.33

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