Orlando’s Underground Vampire Bar is an eerily unique Halloween experience

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DRIP is a live art experience in Orlando that combines paint, dance, a rock concert and a bar into one energized and completely unique experience. When October rolls around though, the playful nature of the DRIP show turns dark and it becomes the Underground Vampire Bar.

The setting immediately provides a creepy vibe, with a coffin on stage and a cage off in the next room, but the bar in front offers relief with cleverly named cocktails like the “Te-Kill-Ya Sunrise” or the “Bleeding bubbleGUMS.”

White shirts with the DRIP logo are sold next to the bar and a complimentary paint station allows guests to give themselves some color before the show even begins. There’s no sense in trying to keep the shirt clean, it’s not going to happen.

Guests are warned that they will get splashed with paint, sand, water and more and are told that there is no “safe zone.” This is not an exaggeration as the show takes place all around you and constantly moves from place to place. Guests become as much a part of the show as the performers.

The show itself is incredibly unique but could perhaps best be described as a play. Performers take to the “stage,” which is all around you, and tell a story through a series of different acts. The difference here is that there are no words, and instead the story is told by dance, art, music and general messy fun.

The performers are incredibly talented and show it off in a multitude of ways, including a bit of aerial acrobatics.

Both during and after the show, guests are welcome to join in on the fun, including a blood shower, paint flinging and more. Just don’t expect to go home clean.

Unfortunately, the Underground Vampire Bar has seen its last performance for the year. However, you can check out DRIP year round and stay tuned for when the Halloween event will return.

For more information, check out DRIP’s official website.

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