Must-Have Munchies: Top Halloween Foods You’ll Hide From Trick-or-Treaters

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As trick-or-treat time approaches, vexing visions of anticipated creepy cool candy and disturbing disguises drift into dreamtime for millions of children.  Sugary, spooky, brilliantly boo-bedazzled delights seem to vanish from candy bowls overnight.  Macabre movies materialize monstrous nightmares, fueled by sinister snacks and wickedly wondrous wonders of this fearsome fall feastival known as Halloween.

Tapping into this time of treats and sweets, many mundane munchies manage their own dark disguises to tempt taste buds and empty wallets.  From pumpkin spice everything to spirted shapes of the season, breakfast boo bounties and seasonal sweets, these eerie editions of must have munchies are only around for a limited time.

Spooky Special Edition Sweets

Candy is dandy and Halloween a perfect partner in crime for BOOsting sales.  This year an estimated $2.7 billion dollars will spent on spooky sweets.  Clever confectioners are well aware of this allure. Halloween themed candies and flavors flow freely for fall fun. From fiendish flavors to spirited shapes, most major brands bring boo-tiful bounty for filling the candy bowl.

Spirits and Boos

Beverages bearing the mark of Halloween haunt store shelves in a growing number of fiendish finds to fill the thirsty palate.  From pumpkin beers and liquors to special spooky soda packaging, whetting the whistle can keep in tune with the seasonal spirits.

Cereal Killers

A balanced breakfast is always good; a balanced Halloween themed breakfast is  better!  Along with seasonal favorites, Monster cereals, several other sugar coated bits of sugar also hop on the Halloween hayride with special editions of their morning munchies.

The (Pumpkin) Spice must flow

It’s easy to tell when autumn arrives in the retail realm, aside from the encroachment of Christmas décor (which seems to arrive earlier each year – at this rate there REALLY will be a Christmas in July), pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavored everything emerges to announce fall’s arrival.  The power of pumpkin compels you: in addition from the outstanding orange ovation listed below, this ghastly gourd has even found its way into pet treats, deodorant, and cat litter!

Whether filling the trick-or-treat candy bowl or enhancing a spirited spooky soiree, these freaky fun foods and bountiful boo beverages bring festive fun and Halloween happiness.  Colorfully covered candies, creepy cool cereals, boo-tiful beverages, and the Great Gourd itself ensure that these tempting treats are fall’s favorite must-have munchies (for a limited time only).

Source and Images: Amazon, Target, WalMart, World Market, USA Today

Cauldron of cleverly crafted candies:

Spirits and Boos:

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The Power of Pumpkin Compels You:

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