‘Monsterville’ officially brings Universal Classic Monsters to Target for Halloween 2017

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Every year I am amazed at the spooky boo bounty that come back to un-life ‘round the retail realm.  For me, it’s all about the hunt for haunt and getting excited for the magical macabre merchandise materializing at local markets.

2017 did not disappoint.  Starting in June with a host of horrors at At Home stores and then July for Cracker Barrel and craft stores like Michael’s and Joanne’s.  After Labor Day round two begins with Wal-Mart and Target teasing their seasonal spooks.  This year, Target set a spirited surprise with their creepy cool collection of classic Universal Monster merchandise called “Monsterville”.

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As the seasonal snacks and treats began to replace back to school items (said, items themselves an indicator of the fall fun to come), I knew it was just going to get better . . . then one afternoon on a post work ‘scouting trip’ I noticed that the $1-$3 bargain Bullseye area beefed up with boo goodies, and I thought, “It has begun!”

Suddenly I was seven years old again, filled with excitement and wanderlust –HALLOWEEN WAS HERE! I could not walk fast enough to examine the aisles of amazing ghoulish goodies.  There were skeletons of cats, dogs, snakes, people and more (though, I’m still confused by the spider and scorpion ones).  From in between tombstones, Jack-lanterns grinned at me as strode past their orange and black proclamations of, “Yes, we’re here to help you haunt your home!”

As I neared devilish destination, a sacred shelf full of animated Halloween monsters and props, I noticed something new.  Stopped (ahem) dead, in my tracks, I had to do a double take.  I could not believe my eyes, was that a Boris Karloff looking mummy? Were those figures Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride?  Yes! Yes they were!

Not only was there officially licensed Universal Studios classic monster animatronic amazements, familiar masks and costumes from the fiends that made my childhood magical had returned to Halloween!  My favorite fall season was looking good (and, mysteriously, my wallet suddenly started to thin out). “Monsterville” is a step in the right direction for Halloween fun!

I’m not sure what I enjoy more the hunt for Halloween’s earliest signs or the first night of theme park haunted houses, but I know that seeing the classic Universal monsters like the ones from “Monsterville,” in a store again has definitely put me back in touch with my inner child and ensured that 2017 will, indeed be a happy Halloween.

Images: Target, Michael Gavin

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