Find the Ultimate Creepy Conversation Piece at Orlando’s Carmine Oddities and Antiques Boutique

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Central Florida is known for its diverse themed entertainment empires, tourist attractions and basketball team.  What many not know, lurking on North Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, Florida, is an obscure oddity shop known to locals as Carmine Oddities  & Antiques Boutique.

Carefully curated for the mature collector, this quaint shop harbors a host of hauntingly beautiful, unique items that are both fiendishly fun and utterly unnerving at the same time. Whether for a Halloween party or conversation piece, Carmine’s is the perfect place for obtaining that one of kind item to complete your collection of creepy curios.

From antique cameras, machinery to obscure older medical tools; pickled punks in specimen jars, skulls (animal and human), rare posters and prints and so much more mysterious merchandise mingle among the shelves, tables, and walls of this magical shop.

In addition to a bizarre bazaar of freaky frivolities, Carmine’s also offers outstanding coffees from Coffee Shop of Horrors, scented soy candles and locally crafted jewelry.

Not only does Carmine Oddities & Antiques Boutique manage a magnificent and sometimes macabre collection of fiendish fun for sale, the small red brick building is a venue for various events like movie nights, classes, cabaret shows and sketch kvlts.

Can’t make it to Orlando?  Then check the eerie eccentricities on their Etsy shop.  From WWII sunglasses and antiques if every shape and size to medical models and wooden prosthetics, the Etsy shop mirrors the retail store in its diverse selection of obscure oddities.

Not for the faint of heart or somewhat squeamish, a trip to Carmine Oddities & Antiques Boutique is well worth adding to your itinerary when visiting Orlando.  There’s bound to be something to pique your interest and cast a spell over your wallet.

WATCH: Dead Girl gives a tour of Carmine Oddities and Antiques Boutique (mature material – some items shown may not be suitable for younger eyes and ears)

Carmine Oddities & Antiques Boutique is located at 2708 N Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando FL.  They are open Monday through Sunday from 10am to 6pm, and 24 hours via their Etsy shop.  They confess that their website is lame and encourage visits to their Facebook page for current events and information.

Source and Images: Carmine Oddities Boutique Facebook page and Etsy Page, YouTube

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