Escape Routes: KFC’s Virtual Escape Room is the Strangest Form of Fried Food Fun

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Escape rooms have truly become mainstream when fast food chains incorporate them into their training program (or more likely public relations machine)

In this case, Kentucky Fried Chicken has feathered their bucket with a delightful and slightly chilling challenge by means of a virtual escape room.

In this surreal simulated virtual escape the room puzzle, the trainee is challenged to discover the steps to making Colonel Sanders’ steadfast style of preparing the golden fried treasure the best way possible –his way.

A glance around the room reveals a few KFC Easter eggs, like the Harman Café sign.  Harman Café was the first franchise to sell Colonel Sander’s Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Founded by Pete Harman 1952, it was the humble beginnings of what is now a fried food mecca.  It could be said that Harman is partially the reason for the strict step process playing a part in puzzle room.

“Harman worked with Colonel Sanders to develop and prepare the KFC system for franchising, working to develop training manuals and product guides. His other claims to fame are the development of the bucket packaging and the emphasis on the “Finger-lickin’ good” motto.” –Wikipedia

Given the choice of learning the right/hard way to make the Colonel’s famous fried fowl OR being trapped in the mysterious room forever isn’t incentive enough to learn fast, then, perhaps the creepy crusty voice of Sander’s voice (sounding a LOT like Norm McDonald) might make more menacing means of motivation.

Glorious gimmicks and gizmos guide the would-be-fast-food-fryer through the precise steps that must be accomplished to accurately achieve amazing appetizing avian assemblage as approved by the unseen creepy Colonel.  From recessed rinsing to hidden panels proffering pressure fryers the new recruit, with the help of a pair of eerie robot arms and hands, is walked through the process.

With a final puzzle to solve, the special steps must be correctly recited in order to escape the room of rendering, and the ever watchful gaze of the Colonel’s portrait.  Such success can only be dreamed of.

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