Dark Hour Haunted House – The witches that plague Plano, TX

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A precarious play for power prevails at the coven this Halloween.

“Explore the grounds of Coven Manor. A coven of witches has held control over this landscape since the late 1800’s. Various witches rise to power within the Coven and each one brings with her a slew of new nightmares. Can you survive an encounter with the Coven?” Dark Hour

Tying this “Dark Hour” together is the Spell: “Frustrated that only one of the thirteen could be at full power each month, the Witches of the Dark Hour Coven enlisted the aid of a Sect of Chronmancers. The time-bending acolytes and their Chrono King claim they will use their dark forces and shattered science to make all the seasons and months happen at the same time… allowing the witches of the Dark Hour Coven to bring the nightmarish eclipse known as the “Dark Hour” to fruition. The Chronomancers are using your visit to distract the witches from their ultimate goal: steal the witch’s’ energy to power their own evils in the future! Make it through the witches’ realms each in their own season, and then escape the Chronomancers and their Chronosanctum to see what force will win, either way – you lose!” –Dark Hour

Seasons of Spooks

As hinted above, Dark Hour has a horrific hold on holidays and seasonal spook.  Given they have a massive site (using only 30, 000 square feet of their 47,000 square foot venue) this gives them a unique opportunity to fabricate fear frequently and store spooks for seasonal scares.  Their theater-like operation means that entire sets, props, effects, and lighting are changed with each show (overlay? No way!).  Monsters manifest for the months of the year: October – Halloween Season; December – Wreck the Halls; February – Love Is Blind; March – St. Patrick’s Slay; April – Spring Fever; June – Dog Days of Summer.

Bonus Boos

Dark Hour’s YouTube page provides even more horror.  With scenes from past events as well as scare cam clips, giving guests a ghoulishly great way work up their nerves prior to paying a visit.

Devilish Details

In addition to their two trips through terror, Dark Hour also offers behind the scenes tours ($40) of their amazing attraction.  In addition to general admission (single or combo tickets) for each of the horrors at this haunt, Fast Pass Admission (reduce your wait time) and VIP (includes Fast Pass Admission, VIP lounge with snacks and behind the scenes videos and Q&A opportunities) upgrades are available.  A Season Pass, delivering “Fear all Year” to all six spooky seasons, is also offered. Visit their website for prices and dates.  Dark Hour is located at 701 Taylor Drive in Plano, Texas.

Source and Images: Dark Hour website, Facebook page, YouTube page
Great, gorey globs of gratitude to Jacob Farmer for providing much of the material for this story.

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