How To Create Phantom Photography – Make Your Own Ghostly Photos Just In Time For Halloween

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Ghosts greet guests with ghoulish delight at Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  These spirited apparitions are a classic Halloween decoration (and also hold a hallowed place in the holiday’s history).

Ghostly photography evokes eerie images of orbs, mist-like meandering manifestations and daftly disguised shrouded spooks.  What if we told you that with a little effort you can make your own paranormal pictures?

note: this image uses additional editing to bring out the eyes (creating a second layer just for eyes)

For this devilishly delightful DIY decor you’ll need a few things:

A Ghost (or someone to fill in as your spirit subject)

Your macabre model can be glamorous, gorey or anything in between.  Period costumes or even a sheer shroud can go a long way for completing the effect.  Make up is optional, depending on what kind of apparition is appropriate for your image.  The subject does not have to be a person, you can also use a prop.

A tripod

For this photo effect, a stable, stationary set of shots is essential.  Using a tripod or some other means of securing your camera will make managing your masterpiece much easier.

A photography device 

Any digital device that allows you to manipulate the recorded image will do.  Cell phones, point-and-shoot cameras, DSLR cameras can all produce similar spooky results.

Editing software

There are several free or inexpensive editing options available online.  I use photoshop elements.  Whichever tool you use for producing your paranormal picture – it must be able to blend two separate images together. A list of free downloadable editing software can be found here.


Since ghosts can roam and haunt in all kinds of environments, setting the scene is up to you.  It’s best to have a location that doesn’t change between images (windy locations make it difficult to work your magic later).  A cemetery setting is just as effective as a dining room table and chairs. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can always go back and try several spooky spots for your spirit photograph.


Ensure that the area you are using for your image is lit well.  Colored lights and light sources at various angles can change the mood of your image.  At the very least the lighting needs to be sufficient to serve you well enough so your camera can get clear, crisp images.

in Artwork, Merchandise, Technology

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