Celebrate Friday the 13th with some horrifying Jason merchandise from Mondo

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Friday the 13th is probably the favorite unofficial holiday of horror fans around the world. Not only is it the day that all bad luck manifests itself, it’s also the day that Jason Voorhees claims his victims.

The “Friday the 13th” film franchise created a horror icon and Mondo has some great new merchandise to celebrate the massive slasher.

Friday the 13th Knit Sweater

Camp Crystal Lake can get a little chilly in October, so keep warm with this Friday the 13th-inspired knit sweater. Ranging from Extra Small to the Jason-sized 3XL, this sweater is the perfect fit for anyone who plans to stalk teenagers through the woods on a brisk Autumn night.

Friday the 13th Enamel Pin

You can show off, or at least claim, that you survived a stay at Camp Crystal Lake with this collectible enamel pin. It will look great and the butterfly clutch backing will keep you from getting stabbed. By the pin at least.

Friday the 13th Part II Poster

This haunting artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly is a must-have for any “Friday the 13th” fan. The 24″x 18″ poster portrays Jason when the artist thinks he “looked his scariest.” These posters are limited to an edition size of 200 so you’ll have to act faster than Jason can swing his machete.


All of these products are available now and can be found at MondoTees.com.

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