Themed Eats: A Grinder-House fan’s dream store awaits at Cincinnati’s Video Archive

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Drop in at the small niche video rental store on E. McMillan in Cincinnati, and you can find all kinds of unique cult classic and grind-house videos for rent.  However, to the informed observer, something doesn’t add up.  The footprint of the small shop, which is 100 square feet, doesn’t even come close to filling the building’s 1500-square feet of space.

Hidden behind a particular wall of DVD rentals is the portal to a hidden realm.  Find the special DVD case to trigger the sliding entrance, and  folks can step into the anti-speakeasy known as Video Archive.

“For us its always been about #ProjectingWonder and hiding secrets within all of our concepts. This one is no different. The 1500-square foot space will house a 100-square foot video store featuring various Grind-house, Indie and cult classic videos for rent. As with all of our concepts, there’s more than meets the eye.” – Jacob Treviño (The Video Archive Facebook Page)

Named for the video store where director Quinten Tarantino once worked, this cleverly concealed cocktail lounge transports visitors into the realm of Tarantino’s films.  From “Kill Bill” to “Pulp Fiction,” Video Archive’s inspired dive bar décor is a Grinder-house fan’s dream.

A classic Wurlitzer provides tunes while perched below a wall of Umas.

The drink menu is loaded with Tarantino tributes.  Specialty drinks like The Royale with Cheese, Jackie Brown, Mr. Pink Lives and Mango Unchained are featured along with Mr. Orange, Crazy 88 and The Bride shots.

“Cinema Patio,” an outdoor seating area with a large projection screen, hosts regular themed movie nights.

The Video Archive is located at 965 E McMillan in Cincinnati, OH.  They are open Monday through Thursday from 5pm to Midnight, Friday from 5pm to 2am, Saturday from 2pm to 2am, and Sunday from 2pm to 10pm.  Additional information, images and video can be found on their Facebook page.

Source and Images: The Video Archive Facebook page, Gorilla Cinema website

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