A Study of Dreams provides a haunting new type of immersive experience

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The Halloween season is filled with all kinds of haunted attractions where scareactors lurk around corners and wait to jump out and startle guests. Pseudonym Productions is giving you a break from that by providing a very different, much deeper, psychological kind of scare.

A Study of Dreams is an interactive horror experience that will give guests the ability to control their dreams, that is, unless their nightmares can control them instead.

This live, interactive experience will be very intimate, limited to just 10 “players” at a time, with the journey lasting roughly 1.5 hours. Guests will choose their own adventures by choosing which doors to open and which paths to follow.

A Study of Dreams is not a haunted house, nor an escape room. There will be no jump scares and no rush to solve puzzles and riddles. Rather, this will be an open-world experience where the fates of the “players” will be determined by their own choices.

The experience will take place in a private location near downtown Orlando on the nights of October 20, 21, 27, and 28. Participants will receive the address after purchasing their ticket.

UPDATE: The first four nights of this experience sold out within hours of tickets going on sale. Additional tickets will be made available soon, according to Pseudonym Productions.

Tickets are available now. To book this one-of-a-kind experience or for more information, visit PseudonymProductions.com.

in Haunted Attractions, Theater

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