Escape Routes: These 17 Creepy Challenges Await Players at Mind Trap’s Sprawling Escape Rooms in Greece

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Mind Trap escape rooms can be found all over Greece.  These exciting experiences offer opportunities to build friendships and face fears while working towards the common goal of solving the puzzle(s) within the allotted timeframe.

Fans of fear will writhe in devilish delight to discover that the company harbors a host of horrors with over a dozen darkly themed escape-the-room puzzles. These ghoulish delights range in theme from haunted houses to familiar films of fear.


1. 1408

Haunted hotel suite 1408 has been off limits, but you’ve managed gain entry to investigate the room.  Now you have but an hour to solve the mystery of the movie inspired puzzle or be trapped forever.  Bravely make your way to the Athens location for this thriller.

2. Amphipolis Tomb

You’ve discovered the ruins of an ancient tomb.  Perhaps not a good move, for now you and your archeological team must escape the king’s curse before time runs out. Amphipolis Tomb is buried at Mind Trap’s Athens location.

3. The Asylum

With no connection to the outside you have find a way to escape the “Human Experiments Clinic” before time runs out and you become the next victim of the Principal’s experiments. Be warned, you have sixty minutes to escape the Asylum!

4. Dead Silence

Inspired by the movie, this fear filled puzzle is intended for players over 15.  Can you break Mary’s curse before time runs out? Or, will you forever regret returning to the abandoned family home? Dead Silence can be found in Kolonaki and Thessaloniki.

5. Dracula’s Castle

It was probably not a great idea to leave the tour group and explore Dracula’s castle on your own.  Now you find yourself trapped and must find the vampire’s coffin and destroy him before sunset. This high stakes escape room is found in Athens.

6. The Evil Mansion

Children’s voices awaken you in this creepy mansion. The ghost of a little girl, Lucy, wants you to play with her . . . forever! You have but one hour to solve the puzzle and break her spell.  Evil Mansion is intended for those over 16 free from epilepsy and pacemakers, this haunt can be found in Monastriaki, Larissa and Chios.

7. The Exorcism

Adults only for The Exorcism escape room (Athens) and its performance enhanced experience.  As renowned paranormal experts, you and your team must survive the angry demons inhabiting the possessed child’s room.

“The night comes and finds you locked in the baby’s room. Nothing weird prepares you for what’s going to happen. Soon, however, everything is being overturned and unexplained events terrify your team. Malicious spirits have taken the house. Will you find the way to escape and get out alive? You have to confront with all the clues and demons that process the home! Will you make it?” –MindTrap website

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