Top 6 Classic Disney “How To” Cartoons starring Goofy

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Mickey’s pal Goofy has been entertaining audiences since he first appeared in 1932, in the Walt Disney cartoon, “Mickey’s Review.” The tall anamorphic dog we all know and love is known for his signature yelp and happy go lucky demeanor.

His simple demeanor and innocent awkwardness makes him the perfect straight man for gags and, well, goof ups.  This innocence placed him the perfect juxtaposition to star as the “average” guy in a long series of how-to cartoon shorts.

1. “How to be a Detective”

Gumshoe Goofy?  Absolutely, in 1952, Goofy assumed the role of Johnny Eyeball Private Eye.  Listen carefully and you’ll even hear the voice of June Foray in this hilarious how-to cartoon.

2. “How to Dance”

In 1953 the Fireshouse Five plus Two joined Goofy voice actor Pinto Colvig in this fast footed feature.

3. “How to Fish”

(1942) Narrated by John McLeish with our lead “hero” voiced by George Johnson, Goofy manages more mayhem in this ichthyological instruction.

4. “How to Sleep”

Pinto Colvig returns to his role as the voice of Goofy for this 1953 “sleep study.” The satire on snoozing metaphors is well worth the watch.  Science!

5. “How to Play Football”

Here’s another (1944) classic how (not) to  cartoon.  This time we learn about the absurdities of this fall sport as narrated by Fred Shields with Pinto Colvig resuming the role of Goofy.  Fans of these Goofy shorts should recognize parts of this  sports cartoon as it has been recycled to be part of the more recent “How to Hook Up Your Home Theater” Goofy cartoon (2007).

6. “How to Play Golf”

Released in 1944, Goofy demonstrates how to enjoy a relaxing game of golf in the most un-relaxing manner.

While Disney might have poineer with animation firsts and amazing art in his Silly Symphony series, he perfected a series of silly satires with the Goofy how-to cartoon shorts.  Seeing the subject matter through the eyes (or voice) of the sometimes snarky and always amusing narrator, these 7 shorts show that life should not always be taken seriously.

Do you have a preferred Goofy cartoon short, classic or contemporary?  Please narrate a tale about your merry mishap filled featured favorite in the comments below.

in Disney, Entertainment, Movies, Television

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