Must-Have Munchies: Black Lattes give new meaning to dark coffee, fit for the Goth in everyone

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The new trend of dark hued delights continues with black lattes.  Activated charcoal creates a deeply dark drink that’s possibly also good for you.

First there was Burger King’s black burger in a black bun, then came the black ice cream sensation, now your favorite latte can get the same goth treatment.  This charcoal potion has also been touted as the antidote for Starbuck’s Unicorn induced color craze.

The pitch perfect miracle ingredient to this drive for darkened delicacies is a substance known as activated charcoal.  It is believed to have “super detoxing” effects when ingested*.  Added to a favorite food or beverage it creates black and grey hues perfect for any Goth gathering.

(*The assumption of healthy benefits by the consumption of activated charcoal are not proven, and might have adverse effects, use at your own risk.)

This inky trend trotted out in the United Kingdom earlier this year and is growing in popularity as black seems to be the new food favorite. At this time there are no coffee houses known to be serving this dark drink.

You don’t have to wait for your beloved barista to buy into this blackened bonanza, this ebony elixir can easily be concocted at home. Simply add food grade activated charcoal to favorite latte recipe.  About one teaspoon per serving should do the darkening deed.

What are your thoughts on this new “black is the new black” trend in food fads?  Please share deepest, darkest comments on the topic in the comments below.

Source and images: Popsugar, Somelife, Brit+Co

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