You can see a movie a day for just $10 a month with MoviePass

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MoviePass wants to make it a lot cheaper for you to go to the movies. The subscription service has been around since 2011, with varying services that ranged from $15 to $50 per month, depending on where you lived and how often you went to the theater. That just changed though.

MoviePass just dropped their price to $9.95 a month. That’s right, for just under $10 per month you can see one movie per day, in any one of more than 4,000 theaters around the country.

After signing up for the service, you will receive a MoviePass debit card within 5-7 business days. That card can be used to purchase one movie ticket per day. It’s that simple. You can even use the MoviePass app to find movies and showtimes near you.

Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. purchased a majority stake in MoviePass and will be footing the bill for the initial losses the company will see after the reduced price. Chief Executive Officer at Helios and Matheson Ted Farnsworth said that the goal is to collect information from a large number of customers to determine future marketing and advertising strategies.

To sign up for MoviePass, simply visit the official website!

Source: Slashfilm

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