Minnie Mouse T-shirts cause dress code violation for family starting their Walt Disney World vacation

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A family traveling through England’s Manchester Airport had a rough start to their Walt Disney World vacation.

Jane Raikes booked space for herself and seven family members in an Aspire Lounge, where they planned to wait for their international flight to Orlando. The lounge space cost the family around $900 (£700). Each family member was wearing a personalized Minnie Mouse tee with the words “Florida 2017” and “Familymoon” written on them. When they tried to enter the lounge, an employee said the tees would have to be covered because they violated the lounge dress code.

According to the Aspire Lounge dress code, any “smart casual attire along with items such as non-sport shorts (i.e. smart shorts/cargo shorts), sandals and smart trainers, non-sport fashion tracksuits, hooded tops” and sweaters are allowed. They deny access to those wearing “clothing with offensive slogans,” among other things.

A representative for Swissport, which owns the executive lounges, has since apologized for the incident. “On this specific occasion, the member of staff who dealt with the family was wrong to have asked them to cover their personalized T-shirts and has misinterpreted the dress code, which is designed to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all guests within our network of lounges.”

The company promised to re-educate their staff on the dress code.

Have you ever been told you violated a dress code with Disney gear? What was your experience like?

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