LAX updates may make Disneyland trips easier with new People Mover, central rental car area

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Anyone who has traveled through LAX knows that airport traffic can be a nightmare, but helpful new transportation options are on the way.

Los Angeles International Airport has been undergoing massive renovations to make traveling more comfortable, which is great news for people headed to Disneyland. One enhancement is the Automated People Mover Train, which transports guests along an elevated guideway to six convenient stops: three inside the terminal area, and three outside. The train is free and operates 24 hours day, departing every two minutes.

In addition, rental car agencies will be housed in one central location, making it much easier to rent and return cars at LAX.

You can preview the future of the airport in the video below.


The People Mover is expected to be operational by 2023.

For more information on LAX updates, head over to the airport website.

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