The Field Museum announces arrival of world’s largest dinosaur, new exhibit for T-rex SUE

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Dinosaur shakeups are coming to Chicago’s Field Museum with the arrival of a new Titanosaur cast and a move for SUE, the resident T-rex.

The Titanosaur stretches 122 feet from snout to tail and will take up residence in Stanley Field Hall. Because it’s a cast made from fossil bones, visitors can actually touch the world’s largest dinosaur. This cast is the only Patagotitan in the world visitors are allowed to touch, and the second one to be on display. A Titanosaur exhibit was also added to the American Museum of Natural History in January 2016.

SUE, the Field Museum’s popular T-rex, is moving from Stanley Field Hall. SUE is the world’s biggest T-rex at 40.5 feet long, but the current display in the large hall makes her seem smaller than expected. The museum is moving her to the Evolving Planet exhibition, where her dominating size can be fully appreciated among other dinosaurs.

See a preview of the changes coming to The Field Museum next year in the video below.


For more information on exhibits, visit The Field Museum website.

Source: Blooloop

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