Extreme virtual reality experience Drop of Doom arrives at La Ronde park for a limited time

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La Ronde park in Montreal, Canada is offering an extreme virtual reality experience for a limited time this summer.

Drop of Doom VR on Orbite invites riders to become pilots on a futuristic ship under attack by giant mutant spiders. With the help of wireless Samsung VR headsets, guests experience a high-intensity gun battle, the feeling of baby spiders crawling on their bodies, and a 360-degree rotating view of the city under attack. After the spider attack, guests experience a gut-wrenching 100-story drop.

As the preview video below promises, “you will scream.”


Drop of Doom VR opens on August 7 and runs for a limited time. The experience is free with park admission, but guests must be at least 13 years old and 52″ tall to ride.

For more information, head over to the La Ronde website.

Source: Blooloop

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