Back to School: 5 Disney Educational Shorts that Show Learning Can Be Fun

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The start of the new school year does not have to be downer.  In most cases, the thought of hitting the books and taking notes might not be the most thrilling thing to do, especially after a nice, long, relaxing, summer break.

Education, however, does not need to be dull or dreaded.  Learning can actually be fun; and maybe even entertaining. To help brighten the start of the school year, ITM has rounded up X  examples of educational entertainment from the Walt Disney Company.

1. “Goofy – Teachers are People”

A tribute to the unsung heroes of learning, our educators provides the first film in our back to school selections.   Goofy gives a glimpse into a day in life of teaching school.  ITM offers great admiration and gratitude to these brave masters managing to mold the minds of students across the land.

2. “Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land”

There’s no finer equation for fun and learning than this classic Disney delight. Take the often difficult subject of mathematics add to that Donald Duck and the result equals an excellent example of educational entertainment.

3. “Donald Duck and the Wheel”

Even history was hilarious when Donald Duck was involved.  With the help of the Mallowmen (featuring narration by Thurl Ravenscroft), a well-rounded education can be quite . . . animated.


4. “An Adventure in Music”

In the same way animation exemplifies visual art, music is an audible version of the creative process. “Toot Whistle Plunk and Boom” tells the tale of how music is made in this catchy tune toon.

5. “An Adventure in Color”

Bringing this cool collection to a colorful close is this classic from Disney.  The first color television episode of “the Wonderful World of Disney“, of course featured a cartoon on color.  Here, along with an encore of “Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land” (as it was part of the same episode), Professor Ludwig Von Drake gives us the full spectrum on the world of color in “An Adventure in Color”

Walt Disney was a pioneer and brilliant inspirational leader in this realm of educational entertainment.  In addition to the examples above, the Walt Disney company produced dozens more similar stories, including the “True Life Adventures” series.

Sadly, these 5 Disney educational shorts cannot complete anyone’s homework.  However, they do show that learning can be fun with the right attitude.  ITM wishes students and teachers alike a splendid and successful school year!

Do you remember watching these films in school?  Do you have a favorite Disney educational film or cartoon?  Please share your stories in the comments below.

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