VIDEO: Disney shows off demo for new Magic Bench that lets guests interact with animated characters

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Disney is always working to create incredible new experiences using advanced technology. Disney Research in particular, has created a way for people to interact with animated characters in real-time.

Their Magic Bench creates a virtual experience that introduces you to characters and surrounds you with an unpredictable environment, without the use of a headset.

WATCH a preview of Disney Research’s Magic Bench:

Disney Research will demonstrate their Magic Bench at the Siggraph 2017 tech conference in Los Angeles. This technology could lead to future developments that could potentially impact our experiences in theme parks.

Source: Variety


  1. looks like there using microsoft kinect?

  2. Tom JK

    Hilarious. I thought the same thing, too. It does remind me a little of Kinect. But this sounds cool. I can’t wait when they use Disney and Pixar animated characters. I can only hope that it will feel like being in the world of “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.” I would love to talk to simulated characters. Donald Duck would be my first choice. Still, having Roger there would be nice.

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