Loot Crate Is the Ultimate Gear-fest for Comic & Game Lovers

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Are you a gamer or comic book lover who digs awesome gear from your favorite titles? Subscription service, Loot Crate, makes epic Mystery Bundles filled with gloriously geeky goodies and delivers them right to your doorstep—for a fraction of the price. Nope, this is not a dream.

1. The Loot Crate Exclusive Mystery Bundle: 6-7 Items

No, it’s not your birthday, but with the Loot Crate Exclusive Mystery Bundle, it’ll sure feel like it. Get your Loot Crate delivered right to your door, and expect great items like cards, figurines, t-shirts, and other collectibles for an incredibly low price of just $22. 

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2. The Loot Crate Mystery Bundle with 5-6 Items

Not ready to commit to the 6-7 item box? Not to worry! You can still get the geekiest of goodies delivered right to your door without ever leaving the house. This Loot Crate Mystery Bundle is worth over $70 dollars, but with this deal, you only have to pay $17 bucks. That’s less than you spent on your latest game. 

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3. This 4-Item Mystery Bundle

Want to start small? You’ll definitely love this Loot Crate Mystery Bundle full of awesome stuff from your favorite titles. Each box is professionally assembled with the most popular, relevant items all valued at a whopping $70 bucks! Did we mention you only pay $12 dollars? Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

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