D23 EXPO 2017: Wield your own lightsaber at home – Disney announces Star Wars: Jedi Challenge augmented reality system

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At their video game presentation, Disney just made a surprise announcement of a new augmented reality product that will bring the Star Wars universe to life at home.

It’s called Star Wars: Jedi Challenges and comes from a new partnership between Disney and Lenovo.

Through a special augmented reality headset in which you snap your own cell phone, you will be able to wield a lightsaber at home or even play Holochess.


Prototype footage was revealed showing the Holochess feature in action, in addition to an entire virtual Star Wars battle breaking out across the floor just about anywhere.

The AR system will be available to purchase via BestBuy.com and Lenovo.com some time in the future. More details are promised soon. You can sign up at JediChallenges.com to find out more.

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