Closer Look: Star Tours pilot Rex returning to Disneyland, Walt Disney World with new role in ‘Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’

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D23 Expo 2017 gave us a lot of exciting news regarding the future of Disney Parks. Amongst the many exciting announcements were some great new bits of news about the two Star Wars-themed lands coming to Disneyland and Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, as we now know the lands will be called, will feature some familiar faces – some new ones and one that we haven’t seen in quite some time.

If you ever got to experience the original version of the Star Tours attraction, you are familiar with Captain Rex, the nervous little droid that piloted you into all sorts of trouble. Well, Rex is set to return to the parks, but this time he will have a very different role.

Disney Imagineer Scott Trowbridge announced at D23 Expo 2017 that Rex will serve as the DJ in the cantina at “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.”

“He’s an awesome DJ. I hear he’s really really great. In fact, I’m certain he’s 100% very very skilled at his job. Nothing’s going to go wrong,” Trowbridge joked. “I mean, what could go wrong? This series of droids is known for their expertise and their grace under pressure.”

But what songs will Rex be spinning? Perhaps he could pick up a few tips from DJ Elliot.

“Maybe he’ll be a better DJ than he was a star speeder pilot,” Trowbridge went on.

The return of Rex certainly excited the crowd at the Expo and seems to be exciting Disney fans all over. Maybe it is time he got another shot. I’m sure he’ll do better this time too. It was after all his first flight and he was still getting used to his programming…

WATCH the announcements of Rex’s return and much more from D23:

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