8 Walt Disney World tasty treats you can recreate at home

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Magic manifests many ways at Walt Disney World.  With a-list attractions, cool characters, fine food and immersive environments, exciting experiences are created every day.

ITM scoured the web and found recipes to several sumptuous sensations from around the ‘World.  We found eight exciting eats that you can make in your own kitchen.  Whether wanting to recreate theme park memories, prepare for an upcoming adventure or throw a themed party, these tasty treats are sure to bring a smile to your home.

1. Dole Whip

Four ingredients are all that are needed to prepare the “at home” version to this very popular Dole sponsored Disney treat.  Lime juice, coconut milk, frozen pineapple chunks and pineapple juice get blended together in this recipe from 12 Tomatoes.

2. Bread Cones

Fill these pizza dough cones with your favorite mac-n-cheese and top with bacon for a Sunset Boulevard favorite.  Other savory stuffing suggestions include ground beef, shrimp, cheesesteak or scrambled eggs.  A recipe from the website of The Disney Chef details how to make these perfect pizza dough pockets.

3. Churros

My personal favorite in-park treat. Essentially deep fried fritters, these sticks of sugar coated dough are to die for.  Flour is added to a mixture of boiling water, sugar, salt and vegetable oil. This dough ball is piped into a deep fryer, cooked until golden brown and rolled in cinnamon sugar mixture.  The exact recipe can be found online at All Recipes.

4. Cinnamon Glazed Almonds

Your mouth begins to water as the sweet scent of these candy coated delights tempt you before you even spot the vending cart. According to the Disney Chef website, the key to this candy is the combination of egg whites and sugar and patience.

5. Grey Stuff

Lil’ Luna brings us this next treat.  While it may be difficult to get reservations at the Be Our Guest restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland expansion, that doesn’t mean fans should miss out on this popular dessert.  Oreo cookies, cool whip, chocolate and vanilla pudding are combine to make this delicious dishes approved desert.

6. Lefou’s Brew

Another appetizing addition added with the opening of the New Fantasyland, Lefou’s Brew is the specialty drink served at Gaston’s Tavern. The recipe for the apple flavored “brew” appears courtesy of Doctor Disney.  It even includes directions for crafting the passion fruit-mango whipped frothy topping to this super sweet beverage.

7. The Kitchen Sink

Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club Resort is known for its gallon sized frozen desert which incorporates all the toppings in the house and more.  Hence the name: the Kitchen Sink.  Forget counting calories with this super sweet serving.  Eight scoops of ice cream (the equivalent of a gallon), five different syrups, an entire can of whipped cream and several other assorted cookies, cakes and candies make this one desert where sharing is required.  Disney Parks Blog recently shared the recipe for the enjoyment of fans fawning over the famous ice cream concoction.

8. Turkey Legs
These tasty treats require a bit of preparation and skill.  The secret is in the soaking process.  Correctly cured turkey legs are smoked and then grilled to perfection.  This mouthwatering recipe can be found at Amazing Ribs’ website.

With a little digging online, many of the menu items from Disney restaurants can be found with instructions on how to prepare at home.  Past perusals have yielded recipes for the amazing honey lime dressing served on the salads at Ohana, tasty Tonga toast, and a much craved Canadian cheddar cheese soup.  Preparing these Disney dishes delighted diners and brought a bit of meal magic to the table.

What Disney inspired recipes have you tried at home?  Any favorites or tips you’d like to share?  Please post your preferred palate proclamations in the comments below.

Source & Images: Disney Parks Blog, Lilluna, 12 Tomatoes, All Recipes, The Disney Chef, Doctor Disney and Amazing Ribs

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