“Wine City” theme park opening in China with wine-based rides, tastings and more

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The largest wine producer in China, Changyu Pioneer Wine, is opening a “Wine City” this year. The $900 million attraction features a gothic chateaux where enthusiasts can experience the wine culture of China and their popular imported wines.

Changyu Pioneer Wine was founded in 1892 and is building the wine-centric attraction in the port town of Yantai to promote the country’s domestic wine while still offering a place for guests to enjoy the popular imports. One chateaux has already been built and several others are under construction. Tourists will be able to attend winemaking exhibits, bars and tasting rooms, and research and production facilities.

A 19-story wine research institute was designed to look like an oak barrel surrounded by champagne flutes.

Several rides appear to be in the works, too, based on these concept art images. One takes guests on a tour of France, similar to Disney’s Soarin’ Around the World. The other seems to be a target game where guests can take aim at pesky bugs attacking the vineyards.

The attraction was created with the help of Disneyland designers, and Changyu also enlisted the help of Italian winemaker Augusto Reina. Best known as the producer of Disaronno liqueur, Reina will offer advice on how Changyu can best care for their vineyard and create superior wine.

According to the Changyu website, the Wine City will be the largest wine and brandy-making facility in the world when it opens. It’s expected to produce 450,000 tons of wine and brandy every year, which is more than 2,000 times the output of many top wine producers in France.

For more information about Changyu Pioneer Wines, head over to their website.

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