VIDEO: New Honest Trailer praises “Cars” and rips “Cars 2”

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We all know that the “Cars” franchise is the weak link when it comes to the story-telling abilities of the folks at Pixar. Nevertheless, “Cars” was a massive hit for the animation studio and brought in the big bucks.

This makes it the perfect target for Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers series. A new video touches on the first film, but it really doesn’t have too much negativity to spew at the somewhat popular movie. The sequel, though, is the ultimate low-hanging fruit.

The video goes on to ask the “Cars” questions that we’ve all been wondering like: “Do cop cars have to be cops?” and “What’s the difference between a doctor and a mechanic?”

WATCH the Honest Trailer for “Cars” and “Cars 2”:

The third installment in the franchise, “Cars 3,” rolls into theaters June 16.

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