Themed Eats: Tumble down ‘The Rabbit Hole’ with “Alice in Wonderland” bar in Los Angeles, CA

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Behind the nondescript storefront, with the upside down sign, is an unexpected delightful trip to The Rabbit Hole. Offering bright, crafty cocktails, the trippy tinsel town bar has been a surreal sensation since 2013.

Through the door and past the hedge maze a wildly weird wonder awaits.  Looking like a cross between a Tom Petty music video mixed with the classic 1951 Walt Disney Studios animated feature, the Rabbit Hole has everything a Lewis Carroll inspired nightclub needs.

Familiar faces from Carroll’s stories have taken up the role of barstools, stationed in front a well-stocked station for cool cocktails.  Oversized chairs, checkered flooring and Dali’-style décor elements glow in the black light illumination.

Even the red lit restrooms are cast with a “through-the-looking-glass” theme.

Rabbit Hole welcomes weekly “Queen of Hearts Karaoke,” monthly “Cheshire Cat Comedy” and regular “Mad Pool Tournaments.”

Crazy cocktails add to the madness.  Concoctions like the Hooka, with souvenir glass, make sharing fun. However, shooters at Rabbit Hole appear to be drive behind that infamous “Drink me” note.  Many of these sophisticated shots are served in small potion bottles.  A bright, flashy drink menu is available on their website.

Rabbit Hole’s web presence is just about as surreal and trippy as the bar itself.  Practically an immersive experience on its own and quite dizzying at times, the site offers a “tour” of the bar that is more akin to sitting in spinning tea cup while looking around.  The entire site is wonderful homage to wonderland.  While visiting, be sure to click on the “??????” direction sign for a fiendishly fun surprise.

Located at 22105 Roscoe Blvd in West Hills, CA, Rabbit hole is open daily from 5pm until 2am.

Source and images: Rabbit Hole website

in Food, Movies, Theater

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