Seaworld Orlando welcomes first walrus calf ever born at the park

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On June 3, SeaWorld Orlando helped welcome a baby walrus into the world as Kaboodle, his mother, came to the end of an exciting labor. Kaboodle, the 14-year old female walrus, gave birth to her first calf just after midnight. The calf is the first to ever be born at the theme park.

Kaboodle and her baby immediately began to bond and the pair remain close at all times, even snuggling with each other as they sleep.

Throughout her pregnancy, the park’s animal husbandry and veterinary teams provided extensive pre-natal care and regular ultrasounds. The new arrival has already brought great joy to the teams, especially when mom and calf vocalize with each other.

WATCH Sea World Orlando’s video of the new calf:

The park’s walrus program plays an important role in educating the public about these amazing animals. While walruses are not yet listed as a threatened species, they have been affected due to global climate change. 

SeaWorld Orlando has cared for orphaned walrus calves with the permission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund has provided research assistance on the Pacific walrus and the impact of dwindling floating sea ice.

Kaboodle and her calf are currently not on public display. They remain under 24 hour care with the husbandry team to ensure both mom and calf continue to thrive and bond together. 

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