Must-Have Munchies: M&M’s introduces sweet new flavor that’s a caramel candy surprise

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M&Ms Caramel has just hit the shelves!  This latest “melt in your mouth” flavor features a creamy caramel candy center surrounded by milk chocolate, wrapped in a candy shell.

Special flavors are nothing new to the M&M candy line.  The chocolate candy company has introduced several variations since first introducing their plain milk chocolate and peanut & chocolate flavors in 1941. Newer “standing” flavors include peanut butter, almond, pretzel, crispy and dark chocolate.

This May the Mars & Mars candy introduced its newest flavor: Caramel.  The process took several years to perfect and special machinery had to be created to get the candy just right.  A chewy caramel center had to be crafted to just the right texture to accept a chocolate & candy casing while remaining chewy.  The result is a divine marriage of flavors that are sure to be a big hit.

The packaging for the new flavor is finding the funny bone with several fans.  Upon examining the word “Caramel” as it is written under the M&M logo, fans have noticed that the candy characters of Red and Yellow appear to be splitting open Orange.  His caramel insides are spread and twisted to from the flavor’s description.

Of course this isn’t the first M&Ms candies has introduced new flavors.  In addition to the more readily available selections above, the company has also produced coffee nut, mint chocolate, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, white chocolate, peppermint, gingerbread, pumpkin spice latte, mocha, honey nut, orange chocolate, cherry, cherry cordial, raspberry, pineapple, coconut, candy apple, birthday cake, cupcake, carrot cake, vanilla shake, tres leche and pecan pie flavors.

This newest release from M&M’s is already on store shelves.  I found them among the impulse items at the checkout in my local Wal-Mart.  They are definitely habit forming.

Of course, if you cannot find them at your favorite store, there’s always Amazon.  A box of 24 share size packages will run right around $40.

Have you tried the new creamy caramel M&Ms candy?  We’d love to hear your sweet story in the comments below.

Source & Images: M&M USA Facebook page,, Wikipedia

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