HTC Vive and Tate Modern announce immersive VR experience to bring Modigliani’s work to life

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Image courtesy of The Building Museum

When people look at a magnificent work of art, they often wonder of the artist: “How did they come up with that?”

To help answer that question, HTC Vive has announced a partnership with the Tate Modern museum in London to create an immersive virtual reality experience that explores the life of Modigliani.

Modigliani moved from Italy to Paris in 1906, and the bustling artistic city helped shaped the art he created there. Using archival material and research, Vive is creating a VR experience to bring visitors into Modigliani’s world. Pairing VR with a museum setting enhances the artwork in new ways. Maybe simply looking at art or reading about an artist doesn’t excite you, but being transported into the artist’s world offers a fresh perspective.

Portrait of Maude Abrantes by Modigliani

While we don’t yet know exactly what the Modigliani VR experience looks like, the British Museum also recently collaborated with Oculus to create a virtual reality tour. A combination of 360-degree photography, audio commentary from experts, and interactive 3D models made for an interactive museum visit that helped bring history to life. You can take a look at their demo video below.


The Modigliani exhibit at the Tate Modern runs from November 23, 2017 – April 2, 2018. For more information and ticket prices, visit the Tate Modern website.

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