“Avatar” sequels will push the boundaries of 3D, thanks to James Cameron & Christie Digital

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The planned Avatar sequels are shaping up to be a state-of-the-art 3D experience.

James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment has renewed a five-year collaboration with Christie Digital to create high-tech, immersive cinema. As part of the deal, Christie will supply one of their new RGB laser projection systems for the Avatar sequels. This means that Cameron’s vision of creating a 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses may be within reach.

RGB laser projection provides bright images at a high frame rate, giving filmmakers the ability to push the boundaries of 3D films. Imagine being able to enjoy bright, crisp, colorful 3D at the movies  — without having to wear those annoying glasses.

In exchange, Lightstorm will share their findings on 3D, high frame rate, color spacing, and high-dynamic range (HDR) with Christie.

Jack Kline, president and CEO of Christie, told reporters, “In addition to the latest in projection technologies, Christie is fully committed to sharing our ongoing research and development efforts, including product roadmaps, with our co-visionary, Lightstorm, so that its productions will repeat the awe-inspiring success of Avatar in the years to come.”

Avatar 2 is scheduled to arrive in theaters on December 18, 2020.


  1. Tom JK

    Technology-wise, this sounds awesome. I’d love to see 3-D without the glasses.

    Still, I just don’t know where the next movie will go. I got this feeling it won’t make that much money like the first, and it could turn out to be a dud if no one sees it. I just don’t know, but I was not thrilled with “Avatar,” and it turns out, some moviegoers weren’t either. What makes Fox and Disney think they can renew the public’s interest in this franchise? It’s not so beloved. Maybe they’ll prove us wrong, but I still have no interest.

    1. Bambi

      Can I tell u something I think this movie will gross 4 billion dollars in box office. And story wise the movie will be good because its written by rick Jaffa and amanda silver.

  2. Mike

    What a bad article. It repeats twice that it’s “3D without the 3D glasses”, without explaining what it actually is, or how that would be possible. The article also doesn’t explain if we’ll be able to actually see these movies with these projectors when the movie comes out. How common will they be when Avatar 2 is released? How about some actual investigation and reporting?

    1. I do agree very much with you sir.

  3. I like to watch the 3D film, “Avatar” is a great 3D film. I was very impressive when I saw it at the first time. I am looking forward to seeing the next part.

  4. Keith Stansell

    The story you reference in hollywoodreporter.com does not say that the next Avatar movie will be shown in glasses free 3D. It talks about the collaboration working on high frame rate and expanded color gamut, and includes a quote from Cameron from his fall SMTPE acceptance speech where he hopes that some day there will be glasses free 3D. That’s a long jump from that to saying the next Avatar movie will be in glasses free 3D. Your story is now being used as a reference to other stories that are now definitively but incorrectly saying that the next Avatar movie will be in “glasses free 3D”. The original story did not say that.

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