Remembering the Free Flag Family Experience at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in Walt Disney World

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is a Disney resort that is rich with sights, sounds and activities specific to that piece of property. One of the most exclusive experiences that the lodge used to offer was the Flag Family Experience. It was somewhat of a hidden treasure for Disney guests, and it came and went with many never realizing such a thing existed.

This opportunity differed slightly from the usual Disney event. Whereas many resort events involve big groups, lots of noise, activity and stimulation, the Flag Family Experience was one that was relatively silent, still and a bit exclusive. To be more specific, it involved the lodge selecting a single family each day to raise the five flags that fly above the rooftop of the resort.

Securing the position of “flag family” was not so easy. There was a specific procedure, and certain conditions had to be met before a family could participate in the activity. For the families that got selected, though, the experience was unforgettable.

In addition to raising flags, the selected group was given a chance to take in some breathtaking sights and snap a few photos from the elevated vantage of the roof. Other resorts like The Contemporary and The Grand Floridian were within view, and some of the theme park icons such as Space Mountain and Cinderella’s Castle were also easy to spot from up high. In the quiet of the morning, the experience provided a moment of serenity that provided a lasting memory for the old family scrapbook.

Photo Credit: Doug Brigger, John Hayes, Karen Rollason, Sue Farrell,


  1. WL FD CM

    I work at the front desk, we haven’t done this at the Wilderness Lodge in almost 2 years and there is no plan to bring it back.

    1. Frank

      Can’t believe they would stop doing this… seems like such a nice way to make some amazing memories. It’s still not offered?

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