10 Over-The-Top Sweet Treats for the Summer, from Disney and beyond

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Summer is officially here. In some places it is already so hot that even jet planes cannot fly.  But rather then dwell on global warming, ITM has turned its attention to worldwide ways to beat the heat.

Ice cream is one possibly perfect solution with several styles and flavors and brings a smile to those who enjoy it.  We found ten tasty, whimsical wonders of frozen feasting fun that even Elsa would approve of.  For these crazy creative concoctions, you’ll want to bring your friends to share in the fun.

1. The Kitchen Sink

Beaches and Cream at Disney’s Beach Club resort is known for its gallon sized frozen desert, the Kitchen Sink.  Forget counting calories with this super sweet serving.  Eight scoops of ice cream (the equivalent of a gallon), five different syrups, an entire can of whipped cream and several other assorted cookies, cakes and candies make this one desert where sharing is required.

2. Strawberry Supreme

22 scoops of ice cream is just the beginning of this monster-sized mountain of strawberry sweetness from Bangkok Thailand’s Mo & Moshi ice cream shop.  This over-the-top treat infused invention is not the only enormous enigma at Mo & Moshi, delicious delights like the Candy Celebration, Chocolate Parfait and Serious Sorbet are just a few of the mega munch-before-it-melts creations offered.

3. The Vermonster

Ben & Jerry’s is famous for their fantastic flavors of ice cream.  What many may not know is that they offer a monster of a frozen treat.  The Vermonster starts with 20 scoops of your favorite flavors. Four whole bananas are sliced and added along with three cookies and a brownie. This is topped with hot fudge and/or caramel, ten spoonfuls of chopped nuts, two more spoons full of your favorite candy toppings and whipped cream.

4. Golden Opulence Sundae

Listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the world’s most expensive Sundae, this frozen frivolity is all about bragging rights. High end dessert shop Serendipity 3, in New York City, gifts proceeds from this gilded gluttony to charity.  The Golden Opulence sundae is layered with gold leaf and infused with high-priced chocolates and candies. It’s served in the same style of crystal goblet used in the Vatican.  The cost of this decadent delight will lighten your wallet to the tune of $1,000 – which most definitely lives up to its name.

5. Frozen Oak Chocolate

The Golden Opulence, however is not the most expensive investment at Serendipity 3.  Crafted with rare imported chocolates and even more glittering gold leaf, the also includes a gold spoon, which guests get to keep.

6. The Great Pyramid

Cabot’s has been serving scoops to the residents of Newton Massachusetts since 1969.  This ice cream shop takes the meaning of a “bowl of ice cream” to a whole new level.  Starting with their Gillen Special (served in a 9.5” bowl) which serves up to 20 with ten pints of ice cream and full quart of topping ($69.99), Cabot’s offers five feast-worthy big bowl options.  These include the 9.5” bowl Gillen Special (10 pts, serves 15-20 $69.99), the 12” bowl Architect’s DRA (15 pts, serves 25-35, $89.99), the 13.5’ bowl Grannies Special (20 pts, serves 40-50, $109.99, the 16.5’ bowl Taj Mahal (36 pts, serves 70-80, $159.99) and the infamous 21.5” bowl Great Pyramid (60 pts, serves up to 175, $259.99).  With options like this, taking friends out for ice cream will require bringing a LOT of friends.

7. Guacamole Ice Cream

At Rosa Mexicano’s several locations, authentic Mexican cuisine is always a mouthwatering treat.  One staple of a good Mexican restaurant is great guacamole.  Not only does Rosa Mexicano craft fresh guacamole table side, the also offer an avocado ice cream dessert made to look like a bowl of the tortilla chip’s best friend. The crafty creation is topped with fruit made to resemble chopped tomatoes and served in a molcajete (the Mexican version of the stone mortar and pestle in which guacamole is made).

8. Fish & Chips

It’s not uncommon to find fish and chips on the menu in many London restaurants.  George’s Portobello Fish Bar, however, offers a Fish & Chips ice cream sundae.  Battered in pepper vanilla coating, the creamed cod ice cream (mixed with vanilla ice cream) is deep fried.  This is served atop a layer of potato ice cream French fries.

…and for those you who want to play along at home we offer these dreamy DIY delights:

9. Avocado Strawberry Ice Cream

Nothing is wasted. This odd pairing of flavors is intended to be frozen and served in the skins of the avocados used to make the light green colored ice cream. (Recipe is in the comments under the video.)

Finally, while we’re combining flavors, here’s a great way to enjoy two terrific sweet treats together…

10. Churro Ice Cream Bowl

Enjoy your favorite flavor of ice cream and that fantastic fried fritter known as the churro at the same time! (Recipe is in the comments, under the video.)

Many of these monstrously large creamy creations are designed to be shared with friends and family.  While brain freeze is a risk, we hope these tantalizing treats encourage you to get out and enjoy some heat-busting bonding this summer.

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