Volcano Bay’s Wave Village is a peaceful oasis aimed at adults in Universal Orlando’s new water park

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In the middle of a bustling water park lies a small oasis where sandy beaches and calm waters are found. Volcano Bay’s Wave Village is the perfect spot for relaxing when you are visiting Universal Orlando’s newest park.


Waturi Beach is the primary feature of the Wave Village. Serving as the park’s main wave pool, guests can swim and splash in the soothing waters that lie right at the foot of Krakatau, the looming volcanic mountain of Volcano Bay.

The Reef is also a place of repose with its private waterfall, but one element of it provides some lively entertainment. Guests of The Reef can view the thrill-seekers of the park as they speed though the clear plexi-tube of Ko’okiri Body Plunge. The water slide shoots its passengers through the 5.5-foot pool with incredible force and presents an interesting juxtaposition against the tranquility of Wave Village.

Wave Village is also home to the park’s dining destination, Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club. This open-air eatery brings out lip-smacking Mango BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Quinoa Edamame Burgers and Coconut Crusted Fried Chicken among other things to those looking for something to satisfy. The menu here is one of the more versatile with chicken, seafood, pizza and dessert items alongside its delicious BBQ and burger options.

For those looking for something along the lines of an adult beverage, the Dancing Dragons Boat Bar is a smart choice. The playful canteen is shaped like a canoe outrigger with colorful sails and serves as an amusing location for creative cocktails and frozen drinks along the .

While guests of all ages are welcome in the Wave Village, it seems as if this spot was designed for adults seeking a bit of serenity during their visit to Volcano Bay. Expect to find a population of sun bathers and those moving at a slower pace in this part of the park.

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