VIDEO: Mike Myers introduces new character Tommy Maitland as host of ABC’s “Gong Show” revival

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Will Arnett hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” wasn’t the only thing you might have thought was a little off last night. Mike Myers appeared on the late night talk-show – though you may not have recognized him.

He was “interviewed” as his newest persona, Tommy Maitland.

The show started off quite normal, with the exception of Will Arnett sitting in for regular host, Jimmy Kimmel. But as the show progressed and Arnett welcomed Tommy Maitland onto the stage as the new host of the ABC reboot of “The Gong Show,” things progressively seemed a little off.

That was because Tommy Maitland was actually Mike Myers, covered in make-up and prosthetics. Arnett and Maitland (Myers) held the joke and amusingly continued their banter back and forth throughout the interview.


The new take on “The Gong Show” will debut on ABC this summer, on June 22nd.

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