VIDEO: Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” star returns to the big screen in first “Kill Switch” teaser trailer

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Most recognized for his roles in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” and on the hit superhero show “Legion,” Dan Stevens, is making his way back to the big screen in the upcoming doomsday, sci-fi thriller, “Kill Switch”.

Directed by Tim Smit, who makes his directorial debut in this future-apocalyptic flick, the story follows Will Porter (Dan Stevens), a pilot and physicist, who is faced with immediate peril when a military experiment to harness energy becomes catastrophic. This leaves Will with no option other than to save his family and the world.

The first teaser trailer features massive hover-crafts flying over a doomed city, passenger-trains falling from the sky and blue orbital explosions.


“Kill Switch”, will be available on Ultra VOD starting May 19th. The film will also be available on video on demand and in select theaters June 16th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly