Travel in Style: Parker family home from “A Christmas Story” available to rent

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Christmas story house living room

You’ve seen the movie and maybe even own a leg lamp. Now, “A Christmas Story” house is accepting reservations for overnight stays starting at $395/night. That’s right, the actual house used to shoot the exterior shots and some interiors in the annual holiday favorite film is now available to rent year-round.

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, this three-story 1895 house-turned-museum accommodates up six visitors per night. Guests have the run of the second and third floors. The first floor, redecorated to resemble the way the house appeared in the famous holiday film, is available to renting guests after hours – an hour after closing until 9 am.


The home boasts a fine “major award,” the infamous leg lamp, along with a fireplace, Christmas tree, and replica of the Red Ryder BB gun. (Try not to shoot your eye out.)

The 1940’s era kitchen has plenty of cabinet space, suitable for hiding one’s self within. The original shed from the film is still set up in the backyard too.

“The ‘A Christmas Story’ House is completely interactive so guests can recreate their favorite movie scenes. Fans of the movie are allowed to touch and play with everything inside the house. Visitors can take photos by the leg lamp with the bb-gun, climb under the kitchen sink like little brother Randy, or decode a secret message in the bathroom while washing their mouths out with Lifebuoy soap.” – A Christmas Story House website

A few steps away, across the street, is the “A Christmas Story” Museum.  There visitors can see one of six original prop BB-guns used in the film as well as other related items. A gift shop, stocked with “A Christmas Story” memorabilia is located next to the museum.

Museum owner Brian Jones holds the Red Rider BB Gun used in the movie at A Christmas Story House and Museum on Monday, Nov. 16, 2015 in Cleveland. (Jason Miller/AP Images for A Christmas Story House and Museum)

Accommodations, for up to six, are located on the loft floor, which is only accessible via stairs. Guests will find a  full, modern kitchen, two bedrooms and a living room area. One bedroom has a queen sized bed, another twin beds resembling Ralphie and Randy’s room. The third queen bed is a sofa bed in the living room area. A full bathroom is also located on the upper/loft level. Guests have full run of these areas during their stay.



Rates range from $395 a night to $1995 per night and include a tour and admission to the “A Christmas Story” museum across the street. With the exception of around the holidays, there is no minimum stay required. Check-in between 3 pm and 6 pm and check out is at 11. To check availability, visit their website. Reservations can be made via email, or by calling 216-298-4919, ext. 1017.


The “A Christmas Story” House is located at 3159 West 11th Street, in Cleveland OH. Additional information on the house/accommodations, museum and gift shop can be found on their website. Or check out their mobile app, which includes a virtual tour.


Source and Images: “A Christmas Story” House website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel

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