Themed Eats: ‘Top Hat Bistro’ is a Romanian Steampunk pub even Jules Verne would envy

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Take a classic pub, add elements of steampunk, industrial and pure elegance, and you have the Joben Bistro.  “Joben” is another term for top hat, the predominant headdress in the Steampunk/Victorian era.

Turn time back to the fanciful fictions of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells’ steam powered science fiction of the Victorian age and you have entered the inventive, imaginative and exciting world of Steampunk.  Joben Bistro has perfectly captured this romantic and eclectic era in the décor of this Romanian pub.




Joben manages to fully envelop visitors into the mythical myriad of machinery of this fantastic fictional frenzy.  Stepping into the brick entry, continuing through the bar area and into the “black room,” eccentric mechanical whimsical wonders adorn the walls throughout the establishment.

jb bar

jb drink1


Food and beverage is essential to any pub’s success.  Joban Bistro favors a well-appointed menu of appetizers, soups and meals.  Joban Plate, for example features prosciutto, salami, parmesan and brie as a perfect starter. Other items include creamy onion soup; bacon wrapped pork, various steaks and pastas.  Cheesecake, Tiramisu, and “the Flavor Bomb” ensure that the desserts are truly tempting.  Savor the full menu here.


jb cheese cake

jb coffee

Lavish libations create the cornerstone of this peculiar pub. A barrel full of beers from around the world and a host of creative cocktails poured by Victorian attired bar tenders blend together for a magical experience.

JB drink2


The real star of this Top Hat Bistro is the décor.  Gadgets, machinery, and gear-centric art cover the brick walls and surround the bar.  Top hat lights, plush seating and various piping further the Steampunk theme.  A giant illuminated robot head and L.E.D. Zepplin provide perfect centerpieces.


JB decor2

jb decor1

To experience this adventure back into a time of invention and discovery, set your airship on course for Romania and Strada Avram Iancu 29 Strada Avram Iancu 29, Cluj-Napoca 400000.

Source and Images Joben Bistro website and Facebook page

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