Slides, drops and a “Fearless River” give Rainforest Village at Volcano Bay some of Universal Orlando’s biggest thrills

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One of the more adventurous areas of Volcano Bay, Rain Forest Village provides a number of intense experiences and a single pool for taking breaks in between. The area sits along the banks of a fast-flowing river and provides a mixture of excitement  and relaxation for those that need a bit of both.

Two multi-person attractions allow groups to experience the fun together in Rain Forest Village, and The Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides are where it begins. Groups of six can choose to put their raft on the Maku slide that takes them deep inside a volcanic gorge and spins them between three high-banked curves, or they can choose the Puihi path that plunges them into absolute darkness before literally dropping each raft into a pool beneath a giant funnel.


Drops are also the main feature of the Ohyah & Ohno Drop Slides. After twisting and turning down an exciting slope, both slides expel their passengers many feet above a pool that lies at the base of a steep cliff. Guests taking the Ohyah side can anticipate a four-foot fall, and those choosing the Ohno slide will free-fall for six feet before finding a watery cushion to catch them.

The Taniwha Tubes are a collection of four twisting slides that intertwine in a way resembling gnarling tree roots. Each slide can accommodate up to two riders per raft and take them on an exciting ride while troublesome tikis spray them with water.


TeAwa The Fearless River is the headliner of the area. This attraction simulates white water rapids for those tough enough to launch their tube and brave the waves.


Puka Uli Lagoon marks the spot where guests can catch their breath before hitting up more exciting attractions. The pool area, set up for relaxation, even provides a few fun elements for little ones like bongo drums and water play areas.

When it is time to eat, Rain Forest Village actually has three dining options: Bambu, The Feasting Frog and Kanuku Boat Bar. Bambu features a small menu of fast and casual foods like burgers, hot dogs and chicken tenders while The Feasting Frog serves as a quick service counter with a variety of taco options. The Kanuku Boat Bar, named after the magical fish that guided the Waturi people to Volcano Bay, supplies thirsty guests with any number of beverage options from cocktails and frozen drinks to sodas and draft beers.

Rain Forest Village really does a great job of providing shared experiences for Volcano Bay’s guests. With its slightly wild attractions in addition to its grab and go food options, this segment of the park is sure to be a hit with guests that are wanting to make some waves along with memorable moments.

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