Real life “Bella Rose” from Forever Rose London, the ultimate “Beauty and the Beast” keepsake

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London’s Forever Rose began crafting eternal roses an exclusive to the Royal Family in 1999.  This luxurious flower is specially hand crafted to last for three years on its own without water or sunlight; or forever when protected by a glass dome.

The Forever Rose is 100% natural.


In a partnership with the Walt Disney Company, the artists at Forever Rose have crafted three special “Beauty and the Beast” inspired versions of their famous flower, “The Bella Rose.”  “Bella meaning beautiful in Italian is inspired by the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast.” – Forever Rose London website


The “Disney Bella Rose” is a full sized ‘grand’ red rose.  The fully bloomed flower is perched atop a single “full curve” stem and encased in a 15.75 inch (40cm) glass dome atop a black wooden base.  The base is covered with “fallen” petals to add effect.  This grand collector’s item costs $299.00.

Disney Bella Rose

A smaller “Disney Bella Rose Mini” is similar to the grand rose version except the rose is about half the size.  The glass dome (7.8 inches or 20cm tall) protects the flower (and fallen petals) forever.  Collectors will have to pay $199.00 to own this miniature miracle.

Disney Bella Rose Mini

The third inspired item is the “Disney Love Rose.” This magical red rose is available on its own (without the protective dome).  The single stemmed flower comes in a long black box with the “Beauty and the Beast” logo.  It is designed to last for up to three years without water or sunlight.  The single boxed Bella Rose will cost fans $70.00.

Disney Rose

Forever Rose London also offers chocolates and various colored roses as either a single rose or in a variety of different arrangements.  See their webpage for full details by clicking here.

Images and Source: Forever Rose website

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