New expedition offers cryptozoology lovers the chance to hunt Bigfoot

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Do you believe in Bigfoot?

A new attraction called Bigfoot Discovery Expedition may give you the chance to finally see Sasquatch in real life. As part of the Bigfoot on the Strip park in Branson, Missouri, the expedition will take 28 cryptozoology enthusiasts north of town to seek out the mysterious creature in an open, off-road vehicle. Even if there are no Bigfoot sightings, guests can enjoy the scenic Ozarks and the normal wildlife in the area.

Photo credit: Rebecca Haines

In addition to the expedition, Bigfoot on the Strip is also home to a Bigfoot Arcade, Adventure Golf, and Adventure Maze.

The Bigfoot Action Tower houses The Gravity Bomb, which drops riders from 200 feet using a state-of-the-art magnetic braking system. You can also try the Saddle Sling, which launches riders into the air and then lets them tumble back down end-over-end.

There’s also the 8Di Leadslinger Cinema, where guests can participate in immersive 8D gaming experiences.

While a possible Bigfoot sighting is the real draw for cryptid hunters, there are plenty of other adventures waiting for those who would rather let the creature remain a mystery.

For more information on the attractions, head over to the Bigfoot on the Strip website.

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