New ‘Blind Drive’ mobile game is like VR for your ears – and it’s messing with people’s minds

in Immersive, Video Games

Have you ever tried playing a game where you have no visual sense of movement and your only hope to navigate successfully is by the sound of an evil voice giving you suicidal commands? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

Enter the new immersive audio-only game Blind Drive from Lo-Fi People, which allows you to experience the sensation of driving a car blindfolded with only the sense of hearing as your tool for navigation. As you play the game, you receive guidance from an erratic sounding voice giving you wild instructions in order to continue on your drive. The sounds of horns and fast cars shooting by you are the only other guides you have beyond the voice.


What’s so interesting about this game is the fact that at no point will you ever see your movement while playing. Your only task in beating this game is surviving a drive with only the use of your ears. And it gets intense.

Currently the app is in beta with only a limited release to the public, but it has been stated by the company that more slots for trial of the game are to open soon.

You can find more information about the game on Google Play.

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