Nevada, South Dakota take top spots for Most Fun States as Florida, California fall way behind

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A recent Wallethub study determined which states were the most fun out of this great wide country of ours, and the ones that came out on top are probably not ones you’d have expected.

While we’re firmly fixed on the fun of Florida and California with their many theme parks and attractions, these two states entered the list at 13th and 15th respectively.

After compiling much information and considering many different factors like nightlife, entertainment and recreation, cost of living, and weather, Nevada and South Dakota took the top places on the fun list, with Colorado, North Dakota, and New York in close pursuit.

Nevada’s Las Vegas has so much over-the-top fun to offer that it’s easy to see why it holds a strong place at the top – but South Dakota is definitely a surprise (though maybe not for those who live there).

It would seem that West Virginia and Mississippi could use a boost in the fun department as they fell all the way to the bottom of the list with little entertainment of which to speak.

Naturally, fun comes in different forms and appeals to different tastes. Many states that had average rankings, shone individually for different categories.

Travel and Leisure reports:

For those who love eating out, Vermont and Maine have the most restaurants per capita. A day out at the movies is most accessible in Wyoming or Montana. Golfers can find the most courses in Iowa and North Dakota while theatre-lovers can find the most performances in Alaska or New York. For people who like being active and getting outdoors there’s a whole other list of states for fun. Massachusetts and New Hampshire have the most gyms per capita. Alaska has the best access to national parks and skiing slopes. People who like boating can get their fix of coastal life in Connecticut or Maine.

It’s an interesting look at how “fun” is distributed across the nation.

What are your favorite states for seeking out a little fun and why? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Travel and Leisure

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