Inflatable version of Moe’s Tavern brings beloved bar from “The Simpsons” to your own backyard

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Credit: Universal

Have you ever wished you could own your very own Moe’s Tavern? Well, now you can (sort of).

The UK-based company Inflatable Pub has created an inflatable version of Moe’s Tavern from The Simpsons.

Inflatable Pub sells pubs in a variety of options, mostly Irish and Texas-style bars. There’s no picture of the interior of Moe’s, but their pubs are typically decorated on the inside, too. Have a look at “The Mac,” also available on their site.

Depending on how much furniture you add, Moe’s Tavern should be able to fit up to 60 people.

Of course, you can also visit Universal Studios to experience Moe’s Tavern in person. They’ve got beers big enough to please Homer Simpson.

Take a walk through Moe’s Tavern at Universal Orlando below.


So, how much does the inflatable Moe’s Tavern cost? $4,500, plus shipping.

It’s a pretty steep price, but it may be worth it if you want a version of your favorite fictional bar right in your backyard.

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