Six people share the ultimate “immersive” Mars experience by living on a volcano in astronaut study

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Living on on an actual volcano in Hawaii may sound like a dream vacation at first, but it certainly your average “immersive experience.”

The NASA-funded Hi-SEAS Mission 5, a behavioral research study by the University of Hawaii at Manoa, is seeing six people live on Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii for eight months. The mission simulates life on Mars, forcing these astronauts to live in harsh conditions.

The objective of the study is to observe and study team dynamics. This will help inform NASA for selecting astronauts for future long-duration space travel.

The mission is being documented in a series of videos that are being shared by The New York Times. These videos show us the fieldwork and research projects that the team is working on. We also get a look into their habitat.

The New York Times also presents the opportunity for followers of the mission to have their questions answered by the Hi-SEAS Mission 5 team. A form at the bottom of the video allows you to ask whatever burning questions you may have for someone living on Mars.