Google acquires Owlchemy Labs, the VR-studio behind ‘Rick and Morty’, ‘Job Simulator’ games

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Virtual Reality continues to grow by leaps and bounds, pushing the digital immersive experience genre forward.

Google announced that the company has acquired Owlchemy Labs, the virtual reality studio behind popular games such as “Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality” and “Job Simulator.” Owlchemy will continue to release games across multiple platforms, but will now have backing from Google.

Owlchemy is known for developing games with high-quality hand tracking, which closely mimics using real hands for game users. On the other hand, Google’s current VR platform Daydream features a remote with limited motion controls.

Owlchemy was founded in 2010 and became heavily involved with VR in 2013. “Job Simulator” was a launch title for Playstation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus touch motion controllers.

It is unclear if Google and Owlchemy have any titles ready to be announced, but the acquisition does suggest that Google plans to continue with a strong push for VR projects down the line, which could mean a whole lot more than just gaming.

Source: The Verge